Products of our each manufacturer undergo different analyses and laboratory tests in a way to cover 17025 International Accreditation Criteria on basis of parameters below.

  • Determination of Moisture
  • Determination of Sugar Composition
  • Determination of Delta C13 values and C4 Sugar
  • Determination of HMF
  • pH Analysis
  • Determination of Water Insoluble Solids
  • Determination of Diastase Activity
  • Determination of Proline
  • Free Acidity
  • Determination of Electrical Conductivity
  • Sensory Analysis in Honey
  • Trilateral Antibiotic Package Analysis
    • Tetracycline Residue Analysis
    • Sulphonamide Residue Analysis
    • Streptomycin Residue Analysis
  • Determination and Quantity of Some Selected Pesticides
  • Naphthalene Residue Analysis